Discover a new era of holiday living with the Luca lodge. A lodge that perfectly encapsulates luxury and comfort perfectly blended with the latest photovoltaic and smart technology.

Luca is crafted for the future and is the first of its kind in the UK holiday market. An energy positive lodge that has redefined what it means to be a responsible holiday homeowner.

The Luca offers stunning, architect-led lodge design while holding environmental sustainability at its core. Luca is an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable lodge that surpasses Net Zero and creates enough energy to power itself, as well as having the potential excess energy annually.

The Luca lodge is available in a two or three bed design which will create a stunning yet environmentally sustainable home-from-home for your clients.

All lodges supplied are built to last and meet the BS3632 standard. They also come with long warranties and a first class after sales service giving you the peace of mind for now and the future.